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Kate Brallier Paranormal Romance
  • July 27, 2007: Kate will be in San Diego for the Comic-Con weekend.  Check the Tor booth for signing times.  (You might also stop by the Bantam/Spectra booth and ask about her there).
  • August 31, 2006: Kate has sold her second and third romance novels to Tor Books.  (She is very excited).  The novels are linked and will continue the journey into misty, haunted romance.
  • June 22-25, 2006: Kate will be attending Writer's Weekend in Seattle, Washington.  For more information about Writer' s Weekend, check
  • May 17-21, 2006: Kate will be attending Romantic Times (RT) convention in Daytona Beach, Florida.  To find out more, click
  • October 20, 2005: Seal Island got a very kind review from BJ Deese at
  • October, 2005: Kate is hard at work on her next novel, having managed to get a very good start on the book during a brief sabatical from the rat race.  (There are whaling books on every shelf in her New York apartment now).
  • June, 2005: Kate has managed to spend several days this month in Nantucket, New Bedford, and Mystic researching what may be her next project.  (Watch this space for more about this).
  • May 16, 2005: Kate "chats" with readers and writers in her first live chatroom experience thanks to the people at ParaNormal Romance Reviews.
  • April 29, 2005: Kate joined in a Chicago signing as part of science fiction and fantasy's 2005 Nebula Awards.
  • April 7, 2005: A review from Jill M. Smith, Romantic Times BOOKclub.
  • March 24, 2005: An excellent review from Suzanne Coleburn, Reader To Reader/The Belles & Beaux of Romance.
  • March 20, 2005: An excellent review from Kathy Samuels at Romance Reviews Today.
  • March 15, 2005: Kate's website is up and running (and waiting for search engines to list the site).  (Husband Dave has been busy learning the internet ropes and figuring out the basics of site design so blame him if something doesn't work!)
  • March 3, 2005: Friends sight Seal Island in grocery stores and store fronts across the country.
  • March 2, 2005: Kate emails most of the known world.  Kate and husband find Seal Island in a local bookstore (there is much ooing and ahing).
  • March 1, 2005: Kate's first foray into paranormal romance field began with Tor's publication of Seal Island.  Hooray!


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